BAT Enterprise is a unique system. Such things as speed of report generation on a huge amount of data, flexible permissions for users, possibility of access with the help of both a thick client and web interface - these all features are overcoming the nearest competitors on years. I don't know another product which supports all features at once.

Due to absence of a simple and comfortable OLAP client we always postponed usage of OLAP technologies in our company. As soon as Excel 2003 was replaced by BAT Enterprise, the reports started to generate for seconds (instead of 30 minutes as it was in Excel). At the moment we are using the system in the group of companies with a branchy network over the whole Ukraine.

One more advantage of BAT Enterprise is a pleasure to talk with people of the support team, who are passionate to the product and have excellent understanding how it works. All our wishes are developed in the next versions of the product.

During 2 years of using BAT in our company, the term "BAT" became a synonym to "reporting". Requests to develop a new report changed to "Please, add this to BAT...". I take off my cap to these architects and developers!
Sergey Savichenko,
IT Director, ESO Autotechnics (
"The main reasons, why we have chosen the product 'Business Analysis Tool' created by BIT Impulse, are:
- functionality (the defects of the rival products are taken into account and this makes Business Analysis Tool better);
- flexible approach to the realization of the additional functions (in particular for our company in a short period of time BIT Impulse improved the search of the elements to enable import from Excel).
In Business Analysis Tool there is a very useful functionality for the notification about the problems. This function gives an opportunity to respond rapidly on the problems and remove them as quick as possible.In general, I must say that we've made the right decision having entrusted the formation of the report system to BIT Impulse."
Stepan Kukhar, software department manager
Trade Company "INTERMARKET"(
"Nestle" - a transnational corporation
FE "British American Tobacco Trading Company" - supplier of tobacco products on Belarus market
"AVK" - one of the biggest confectionary producers in Ukraine
"Galychyna" - milk producer company
"IceVita" – a huge regional food producer and distributor
Izhevsk city, Russian Federation
"Volzhsky Orgsynthese", JSC - basic chemistry units production.
"Enzym" - manufacturer of yeast and animal feeds
"Biola" - juice producer company.
"Zhytomyrski Lasoschi" - confectionary producer.
"Leader Snack" - national producer of snack foods
"Nutricia" - producer of child nutrition.
"New Products" - manufacturer of energy drinks
Banks and insurance companies:
"Sovcombank" - commercial bank
"Platinumbank" - international retail bank
"Ateshgah" - insurance company, Azerbaijan
Retail Operators:
"Evrotek" - retail company
"Pakko Holding" - one of the leaders among product retail networks of Ukraine
"Barvinok" - retail network
Brusnytsia - supermarket network on the Easters Ukraine
"MYASNOV" - the first federal chain of meat shops of a new retail format, Russia.
"Otdohni" - federal chain of specialized vine self-service shops.
"585" - one of the biggest chain of jewelry shops in Russian Federation.
"Nash Kraj" - supermarket chain on Western Ukraine.
"Argon" - retail operator, Vinnitsa (Ukraine)
"Comfy" - a leader network of shops of domestic technique and electronics in Ukraine.
"Assorti" - chain of self-service shops, the Komi Republic, Russia.
"Cosmo" - national network of health and beauty shops.
"Depo Computers" - computer equipment company
"Symbol" - chain stores of clothing and footwear
"Eldorado" - supermarket chain of household appliances
"Bookvoed" - chain of bookstores
"Brocard" - network of perfumery and cosmetics
"Leleka" and "Semejnyj" - supermarket network
"Mars" - supermarket network
IT Services:
IT services in the housing and communal services. Automating the collection of data necessary to calculate the fees for municipal services, charging fees for utility services, building and delivery of payment documents, payment processing, processing information and providing all the necessary synthetic and analytical reporting.
"FRA-M, Ltd." - a leading distributor of medicines and medical articles, Ukraine
Group of companies “ESO Autotechnics”
Car spare parts distribution, Ukraine
"Koleso Fortuni" - Car spare parts distribution, Russia.