BAT® Enterprise
It’s fast, secure and stable business intelligence and reporting system with rich data analysis possibilities and powerful administration.
Information About Product
As a result of our analysis of the corporate reporting software market we have selected the Business Analysis Tool by BIT Impulse.
To my mind, BAT is the most effective product from the viewpoint of possibilities and cost\quality relationship for corporate reporting.
The solution is easily adaptable to the needs of the customer and does not require some special IT knowledge from the users.
Support can be done both by the IT staff of the company and by the vendor.
In general, my top management and I personally are satisfied with our choice and we would like to recomment BAT for other companies.
Andriy Shklyarskiy,
IT Director, Pakko Holding Corp. (
Product Features:
Reports are generated quickly on a vast amount of data
You can easily change the report view on your own without bringing in of IT-staff
Powerful analytic features
Flexible administration
Integration with Microsoft Office
Automatic sending of reports through e-mail
Comfortable work online on any speed of internet connection (zip-compression is used for data transfer)
Introduction Video
In this 25 minutes video we've tried to quickly show its possibilities. To better watch the video please, switch to HD (720p).