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Clients about the
BIT Impulse company


Director of IT Department "Lviv Beer Company"

Our department works particularly closely with BIT Impulse software: from supervisor to sales director. Therefore, we actively use this tool in our daily work.

I should notice that our analysts are satisfied with the Business Analysis Tool. We received detailed reports, instant data analysis and fast updating. And this is especially important in both day-to-day work and strategic planning. Easy interface and accessible administration make this product very convenient. BAT helps to optimize the company’s costs.

Are you satisfied with cooperation with BIT Impulse? Definitely. There are no questions about cooperation.


Head of Department of Price division and Analytics of "Nash Krai"

We have been using BIT Impulse data analysis software since 2009. I can say that this is a very convenient and effective cooperation, where the company responds quickly to all customer questions. The Business Analysis Tool system itself greatly simplifies the work of retail in the direction of data analytics. BAT gave us the opportunity to analyze deeply the performance indicators. In the operation program, the functionality for analytics is limited.

Now we have the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive analysis of sales, balances, margins.

Use this tool for your own needs. The Business Analysis Tool saves human resources costs for work with data several times.

I definitely recommend BIT Impulse to retailers. You get a flexible system for access permission and automatically sending of reports to users’ e-mails.


Head of the BI Development Department of the Eldorado Network

During the cooperation with BIT Impulse we did not have any misunderstandings. And this is more than 9 years. That’s how much we use the Business Analysis Tool. Always a quick reaction when necessary. Available interface, maximum cooperation with the customer. We got the stability of the system, the ability to analyze the program generated during the use of reporting. Among the benefits is definitely the possibility to administer user rights, the formation of dashboards or regular tables.
Working with a multidimensional model, automatically generating reports and e-mailing to users – is very convenient. If you compare the product of BIT Impulse Business Analysis Tool with Microsoft Power BI, I would prefer the Business Analysis Tool. It may be slightly inferior in terms of combining different databases, but if we talk about the ability to work with multidimensional cubes, the product from BIT Impulse is much better.