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New Features of BAT Version 5.10x

Adaptive Web Dashboard for Mobile
«Web Dashboard» can now be viewed on mobile devices.
The logon form on the mobile device is as follows:

The list of reports looks like this:

Web Dashboard reports are displayed as a list:

Each item of the Web Dashboard can be viewed in more detail by clicking on it:

Web Dashboard contains the following data in the caption:
– displays filters affecting the current dashboard item or entire dashboard

– allows to reset filtering when a dashboard item acts as the Master Filter;

– allows to filter data by selecting multiple elements in dashboard items

– invokes a drop-down menu that allows you to switch between provided values

– invokes the export menu for a dashboard item;
– returns to the dashboard items list

In this version on the tablet, two types of interface are available to you:

  • similarly as on a PC

  • similarly as on a mobile phone

In admin module on the tab Designer Profiles a new section “Web dashboard” has appeared. The «Web Dashboard» section contains new options:

  • Designer – allows users with this profile to edit, add Interactive dashboards in the browser on the PC and on the tablet (enabled by default);
  • Mobile View on Tablet – allows to display Interactive dashboards on a tablet with the same interface as on a mobile

The mobile view of the «Interactive Dashboard» on the tablet can be set for the administrator. The administrator must set the value to WebDashboardMobileViewOnTabletForAdmin = 1 in BAT database tblDBParams spreadsheet.


Updated administrator/user module manuals

New version contains updated manuals for Administrators and Report Users.


New option “Refresh data on all pages” in designer profile

In the administrative module, on the tab «Designer Profiles, the administrator can allow users to update data on all pages or not:

If a user profile allows user to update the data on all pages, then in the Report module on the toolbar there will be a button «Refresh data on all pages»:

If the user profile does not allow him to update data on all pages, then this button will not be present in the Report module on the toolbar, as well as the button – «Cancel data update on all pages».


MDX query generation when using attribute hierarchies in a report

In the new version, the administrator can choose how the MDX request is generated by the application in reports that contain attribute hierarchies:

By default, the MDX query uses the DISTINCT (HIERARHIZE ({set})) function for such a report and has the following form:

Now, administrators can generate this MDX request without using the DISTINCT (HIERARHIZE ({set})) function:

In order to change the way an MDX request is generated by an application, the administrator needs to set value to «DisableHierarchizeForAttributeHierarchy = 1» in BAT database tblDBParams spreadsheet.